Work in Progress: To the Edge of the Earth

A man takes a long, overland journey to find a lost paternal figure.  At each stop he encounters a decadent society.  At each hotel he is met with a letter, written by a strange woman—one who claims to be his lover and has marked his every move.  When their paths finally converge, each must confront the unexpected.

To the Edge of the Earth—an epistolary work in progress—eschews naturalistic storytelling: it begins with an admonishment against materialism and is narrated, ostensibly, by a whale. It is currently in search of a publisher, perhaps one who will package it as a “romance novel” to confound the unsuspecting. To be updated on the progress of this novella-length manuscript, please sign up for email announcements HERE.

Thanks to The Sointula Art Shed for providing the residency during which most of the manuscript was written, and to Steven Cline for creating the proposed book cover image.

An early draft excerpt from To the Edge of the Earth appears in Issue 6 of Peculiar Mormyrid.

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