At the turn of the 21st century, Florian, a washed-up one-hit-wonder, finds new creative life in a pseudo-Marxist performance art group.  Things soon go awry, however, when members of the group find themselves the object of a stalker in an animal mask.  An extreme form of identity politics takes hold and historical injustices, no matter how distant (even the 1240 Mongolian siege of Kiev), must be avenged.  Set in a world despoiled by the excesses of consumer capitalism, Naked Defiance is the story of idealists who seek a richer engagement with life, but are repressed by the intrusion of internecine politics.

Reviews / Endorsements

The truest thing I can say about Naked Defiance is also the best compliment I could give to any novel: Naked Defiance is absolutely unlike anything else I have ever read. Patrik Sampler is astonishing in his originality and in his tough critique of common, complacent ways of living. Wickedly smart and disarmingly funny, Sampler is a writer to watch. His book comes as a welcome and necessary challenge to the miserable logic of capitalism.

Angie Abdou (author, This One Wild Life)


Naked Defiance has an unofficial ‘soundtrack.’  Click here.

Publishing Details

Published in Canada and USA on April 15, 2023 by New Star Books.

For other publishing rights, contact Evan Brown at the Transatlantic Agency.

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