Tadami (c) Patrik Sampler

  1. Maurizio Brancaleoni

    Accessing Etsy from Italy, “The Ocean Container” becomes automatically “Il contenitore di oceano”. Aside from the fact that “di” is wrong and should be “dell'” (of+article), it’s funny because we actually use the English term “container” to refer to shipping containers, so “il contenitore” sounds like it’s a rather small box or something which nonetheless has the ASTONISHING capacity to contain the whole ocean. On second thought, it sounds surrealistic enough. However, if you have the chance to edit at least the title, I suggest “Il container oceanico”: three words as in the original, proper terminology and nothing gets lost.


    1. PS

      Hi Maurizio. Good to hear from you! The English title is meant to be ambiguous–as in a container ship “container”, but also any other kind of “container”, so it should have that surrealistic nuance. It sounds like “Il container oceanico” indicates definitely a container ship “container”… Could “contenitore” indicate both? I’ll see if I can get into Etsy and change the “di” to “dell”, anyway.


      1. Maurizio Brancaleoni

        Yeah, I know, the problem is that “contenitore” is virtually any kind of box (usually not particularly large, though), while we normally don’t use “contenitore” to refer to a “container”. Weird, huh? But that’s how it is. Of course, if you’re OK with a slightly stretched rendition, “Il contenitore dell’oceano” might work, bearing in mind that it probably won’t make one think of a shipping container. “Di oceano” sounds like “of god Ocean” or something like that without the capital letter, by the way, haha.

    2. PS

      Well… I contacted Etsy, and I was given instructions for fixing the title… I input the correction, but I can’t view the listing. Let me know if you can see it. If it still needs work, I’ll need to get back to it another day.


      1. Maurizio Brancaleoni

        Yes, it’s working! You just have to add the apostrophe after “dell” (no space before or after the apostrophe).

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